Guest Coach Policy

General Guidelines

Flemington Ice Arena has guidelines that must be adhered to in order for guest professionals to teach on the Freestyle or Public ice sessions at our facility. Prior to teaching at Flemington Ice Arena all visiting coaches must have permission from the skating director.

Figure skating coaches should contact our Figure Skating Director, Julie DiLiberto at (908) 237-1423.

Visiting figure skating coaches must provide a copy of their current USFSA card and insurance certificates naming Flemington Ice Arena as additional insured.

Granted privileges may be denied or revoked for any reason. Approved guest coaches must sign in at the front desk each time and pay the appropriate guest fee for Freestyle and Public ice sessions before entering the ice.


Fee Structure

Public Session: $5 per session
Freestyle Session: $10 per session

Additional Notes

For coaches utilizing more than 10 hours per week of Freestyle ice, if prepaid, a discounted monthly rate may apply. Please speak to the skating director to see if this discount is applicable to you.

Guest Figure Skating coaches will receive a copy of Flemington Ice Arena’s Freestyle Ice Usage & Etiquette Rules and will be responsible for the behavior of all skaters they teach, whether in or out of lesson. All guest coaches and skaters must sign off on the ice rules before privileges will be allowed.

Our objective is to create a safe, productive environment for all of our skaters and guests. We realize that incidents will occur and will not tolerate less than courtesy and respect.