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The Bears

Hunterdon Bears Website


The Hunterdon Bears are dedicated to the development and education of boys and girls looking to further develop their skills and their love of ice hockey in a highly competitive environment. Our goal is to promote team play, a competitive spirit, and good sportsmanship. Using principles from USA Hockey’s ADM and Hockey Canada’s CDM, our staff works to develop and progress players' skills, work ethic, and discipline. We aim to represent our club with pride both on and off the ice as we provide players with the opportunity to develop at every level. As players mature and progress through the Bears program, there are increased opportunities to compete at the highest level.

NJ Bears Website


Located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and its 23 teams celebrate its 11th season in 2023-24. For the past seven years, the EHL has finished as the leader in the Direct-To-College Advancement at the Division II and III levels.

Along with the NCAA Commitments, the EHL has also helped over 100 players work their way up to higher levels of junior play. This area of advancement is also not limited to just players, as the EHL has seen several coaches make the jump up the ladder as well.